Thursday, November 07, 2013

Education and Learning

 Education and Learning: Education and Learning are two different processes, but some or other way both are same. Both provides knowledge, skill, and caliber and made us capable to reach the destination in our life.

Education: Education is what  learnt theoretically and academically basically form sources like Books, internet, papers magazines, and also from other’s words and speeches. Books are written by somebody else about someone’s life, globe, science, mathematics, technology or about the world and many more. Either we purchase from out side or we collect it from the library. And we keep developing our knowledge as we move forward to senior classes’ year on year. If we lacked somewhere we can repeat those things again. But we know the future of the book and education, because every book ends with few chapters and education may stops after some point of our life, may be after getting some good degree.  But does Education, means by reading books or getting some good degrees would make the perfect human being in life?  To become a perfect human being learning plays the most important role in our life.
  Learning:  Learning is most important. And it is related to our life. Learning is a never ending process; it starts with human’s birth and it goes with as long as human life exists. We get this knowledge from inner self, nature and from the surrounding. Learning we cannot  purchase from outside or cannot be collected from library. Learning is an ongoing process and we do it on regular basis, Learning not only gives you knowledge but also makes us perfect Human beings  also imparts you and bless you with skills which help us to stand in front of the society with good moral values which we cannot get from books. 

                                     How Education and Learning plays role in our life:
                                                                                                                  Role of Education.
                                                                                                                  Role of learning.



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