Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Role of Learning in human life.

Role of Learning:

”Learning” is an in build power connected to every human being’s,it is not about a grade in the school or college. It is to train the brainpower ethicallyLearning is a never ending process, starts with the birth of the mankind and it goes till mankind exists. It does not indicate to particular thing, subject or place, in the same way there is no time, limit or age for it. Mind is like an empty vessel at the time of human’s birth, it keeps developing as human grows with the lot of skill, will and efforts. It is something that nobody can teach, it’s an in build power evolves at personal level, Learning is the name for the mistakes we committed,we learn our self from our mistakes, our past experience, by following another people, nature and from our surrounding.  Also something we respond or reflect then we try to adjust and adopt which we feel it could be a part of our life. Learning can be getting new, or maybe modifying and also reinforcing, existing expertise, conducts, ability, values, or maybe personal preferences and may even involve synthesizing different types of data. There is no need of any knowledge if brain power is in order. It should have the attitude to learn new. That will be enough.

Research have found that 10% people learn by reading, 20% people learn by hearing, 30% people learn by seeing, 50% people learn by seeing & hearing, 70% people learn from what they say & write and 90% people learn from what they do. 
   Learning is something which gives us constant knowledge and doesn't repeat same thing again and again, it always teaches new things as human being grows and faces different phases in life from the childhood to old age. 

                                                                          How Education and Learning starts in Human life ?



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