Friday, November 22, 2013

How education and learning starts in human life

  History has found that Education and Learning starts in human life from the mother’s womb. An embryo responds to many things like sound, music and whatsoever mother repeats. Firstly, an embryo feel it is something new but when the things are repeated then child adopts the same inside of womb and memorize till life time. In our language we say it learning’s. It is an inbuilt gift of God.    

(In Hindu myth is published in Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta (The Holy Book) about Abhimanyu, he is son of Arjuna & Subhadra and nephew of lord Krishna. His education and studying started while he was still in Subhadra’s womb. He overheard Arjuna informing Subhadra the tricks of how to get into, quit, and eliminate various fight structures. Of these, it is of observe, that he only observed how to get into (but not quit or destroy) the key of the Chakravyuh development as Subhadra slipped away and thus Arjuna could not finish his enlightenment. Krishna, recognizing that if Abhimanyu understands the whole process, he would point the stability completely in support of the Pandavas, prevents Arjuna from continuous the session, hence Abhimanyu understands only how to get into the Chakravyuha). This shows that person begin studying from the mom's womb.
    After child's birth, kid come to the new world were the baby make an effort to associate with others, kid is not able to start vision, the light seem to be impressive, as the child was in black since 9 months. But still than child tries and unhurriedly understands to start the sight and looks at the nearby, this is the kid's first experience of seeing this wonderful world around. And the wonderful characteristics greets the child to the globe and tries to modify in the little globe. And progressively little one mature in life.
  Education starts in human life at the age of 2nd or 3rd with preschool, and Child’s first year of school is filled up with many wondrous moments. It’s the time of tremendous social, emotional, physical and intellectual activities. At this stage child will know about what sound does “A” makes or what 2 + 2 is. Preschool Education may seems very simple as full of just fun (games, music, story time, art dancing etc.), but there’s an intense amount of brainwork going on .Kids learn from playful and creative activity. Normally in preschools there are lot of puzzle work and joining the blocks activity is given to child, this is not just an entertainment or a game, it teaches the child problem solving and physics. This small learning’s will help the child in future. The most important skill that kid will learn is socializing and sharing. Not only this they will also learn to cooperate, to work together and take turns, to participate in different activities and follow the simple directions given. For making them aware about moral values story telling is most famous, because it make kids not only understand the values but also implement it in our life. They grasp this values soon because they starts visualizing this story and understands it more immensely.
When a child is in his teen age the world seem new for them, they grow up and moves to the next phase they learn moral values like honesty and other values like sharing, kindness etc. this is the most significant time for every human being, in this stage person decide the right education, and this will help them for life time, post this people go for higher studies and get their degree.



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